Bangalir Mastishka O Tahar Apobyabohar by Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy pdf

In spite of the fact that Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy (1861-1944) accomplished the respectability of a researcher among the Bengalis and Indians, the part of his artistic virtuoso is still generally ignored by us. Be that as it may, commonly he said, “I turned into a physicist accidentally. My energy was history, life story, and general writing”. It is astonishing to imagine that the facts confirm that the physicist Prafulla Chandra held the post of VP of the Bengal Literary Council, the most established organization of Bengali abstract practice. Not one-and-a-half times, multiple times taking all things together. He even filled in as the leader of the association for four back to back years (1338-41BS). So it is basically impossible to deny his logical practice just as his abstract practice.

There is no question that the book ‘Bangalir Mastishka O Tahar Apobyabohar’ is the most punctual book by the visionary Prafulla Chandra about the Bengalis who are jobless, apathetic, work cherishing, and experiencing feeling of inadequacy. Since it is seen that since 1920, he has thought of one article after another in different periodicals. For example, ‘Annasamasya O Bangalir nishcheshta’ (month to month Basumati, Falgun 1329), ‘Bangali Kothay Gelo?’ (Probasi, 1339), ‘Bangali Kothay?’ (Anandabazar Puja Sangha. 1339), ‘Bangalir Shaktisamorther Apobabyohar O Bartoman Samosya’ (Marsik Basumati, Ashar 1331), ‘Krishi, Babyosa O Bangali Juboker Annasamosya’ (Bharatvarsha, Chaitra 1335), ‘Shramer Marjadabodh O Bangalir Annasamasyay Porajoy’ (Prabasi Ashwin 1340)- all such endless articles. He has likewise kept in touch for certain more books about this.

In any case, Acharya Prafulla Chandra had no deficiency of regard for the greatness of the Bengali mind.

Acharya Prafulla Chandra himself was a fruitful money manager. So the abhorrence of Bengalis to business didn’t fulfill him by any stretch of the imagination. His demeanor towards this is clear in this referenced book.

We discover the reference in this book that the hopelessness and destitution of the entire of India, including the Bengalis, which made impressive concern Acharya Prafulla Chandra.

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