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বিমল কর

Bimal Kar was born on September 19, 1921 and passed away on August 26, 2003. Bimal Kar in Bengali short story is a time, an era. Not only the modernity of his story, he has accompanied young writers of Bengali literature all his life, thinking of new genres of story with them. Towards the end of his life, he edited short story magazines with his child-like young writers. In his own words, he told young writers about the new genre of short stories with young writers in the late fifties of the last century সেই the movement to change the structure of the story and the style of writing under this title, the talk of endless literature. His fascinated readers have also got his rare company. Now many of those in their fifties or so have found the gentle company of Bimal Kar, the hard truth in Bimal Kar’s story. There was wandering in the depths of the mind. Think of ‘Janani’, ‘Sopan’, ‘We are three lovers’ and ‘Bhuvan’, ‘Anguralata’, ‘Atmaja’, ‘Kachghar’, ‘Nishad’. Think of self-reliance in the Christian way. Confession of sin. Bimal Kar as if he has revealed himself to himself all his life.

five Books name-Bimal Kar book Top 5
Dui Prem
Ei Jubakera

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Dui Prem
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Ei Jubakera
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Bimal Kar is one of the most important responsibilities in Bengali fiction. The end result of forty will be in the true sense of his birthday. And this desk he will become a detached, directional, small project for study-

The excitement of the literature that will create a stir during the celebration of the story of the new flow of consciousness will be combined with the Bengali story again. Unnecessary business is seen again and again. This situation is due to the fifty desks.

For this reason his story inevitably comes back again and again. Whose heel hole is helpless. Death is almost his story and one more thing is born consciousness? Needless to say: Shilpamahal and that is why his story is sometimes not published in his story.

Its protagonist is a kind of man in the environment of Nayakara. Must be in a pleasant environment. His first widely discussed story ‘Soul’ is seen, the father comes back fascinated by the beauty, their relationship continues to be Ganges water. And Hardkip began to see Yuthika Hospital. As a result, her husband Himansu’s puppet father eventually committed suicide. Bimal Karam started his literary life.

Although his shamiak separatist Sahasi Ghosh thinks that after Bimal Kar’s good health, Bimal has admitted that he cannot do any work of these two immortal talented artists. None of the stories of the true Bimal Kar have been told in a pitiful straight line. The story will never have its time. Needless to say, he is the best storyteller of our time.

Bimal was not born Kalataya; Asansol. It will be present for his story. Life will be in Asansol, Kalipahari, Barakar and Kuliti from adolescence till tomorrow. Kalataya came again to read. This house was not his first life. But there were very good readers. Reading in his country was a contemporary domestic-foreign story novel. In fact, fake dubia and bikarai were his universal friends. Although Jiban Patrika will be sent to the next place, will cooperate with Desh Patrika, as will the newspapers of Bangladesh, Desh, Newspapers

There are a few storytellers in Bengali fiction in particular, there are more languages ​​than the content of the story. In the Bimal cord

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