Dinesh Chandra Sen All books pdf- দীনেশচন্দ্র সেন বই pdf

Dinesh Chandra Sen – Dinesh Chandra Sen All books pdf- দীনেশচন্দ্র সেন বই pdf

To educationist, researcher, folk-literary expert, historian of Bengali literature Shri Dinesh Chandra Sen.

Dinesh Chandra Sen was born on November 3, 18 in the village of Bagjuri in Manikganj district to an aristocratic Vaidyabrahman family. He has written many books on Bengali language and literature. Among them, Mymensingh lyricism and lyricism are the most famous.

Let us remember him today through an essay written by him.
The result of the study of national history.

We are a very ancient nation. But other nations of the world are also very ancient. We are all human beings born of Manu’s lineage, or descendants of Adam and Hever, as Santal, Will, American Red Indian, and all these branches of the barbaric human race of Bernier are equally ancient. What is glory?

We are not talking about the aforesaid kind of antiquity, since the time when a development of national thought has begun, we are referring to antiquity, – Descendants are still living in the same way today — so the idea of ​​modernity or antiquity of time is false about them, no line of time has fallen in their national life; In the life of a nation in which the stratification of time is fixed, an antecedent and a system of development is seen in succession, the infinite form of time is limited to present, past and future.

Dinesh Chandra Sen

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