কাহাকে – স্বর্ণকুমারী দেবী | KAHAKEY by SWARNA KUMARI DEVI Book

Swarnakumari Devi was the name of her three sisters Saudamini, Sukumari and Saratkumari. Her younger sister’s name was Alphabet. Saudamini was a first-year student at Bathun School. Other female members of Thakur will see her, Swarnakumari Devi will learn to write in the main house.

The students had a life at Jorasanko Thakurbari. Hemendranath, the son of Debalindranath, has been specifically told about the processors of the students. Rabindranath leaves his memory of Swarnakumari Devi with his memoirs, letting their educated slate do something Devendranath sent the news about it. He may have looked at Ajoyanath instead.

কাহাকে – স্বর্ণকুমারী দেবী

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  • Book Name: KAHAKEY
  • Categoryউপন্যাস | Novel
  • Total pages: 128
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  • Language: Bengali
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Short biography of SWARNA KUMARI DEVI

Swarnakumari Devi was born on 26 August 1755. She is the fourth daughter of Debendranath Tagore. His three sisters were Saudamini, Sukumari and Saratkumari. His younger sister’s name was Barnakumari. Saudamini was a first-year student at Bethune School. Although other female members of the Tagore family followed her, Swarnakumari Devi learned to read and write mainly at home. She was five years older than her younger brother Rabindranath Tagore.

Jorasanko Thakurbari had an educational environment. He twice edited Thakurbari’s ‘Bharati’ magazine. He had a special interest in writing science-terminology in Bengali. She also composed numerous songs. In that era, the importance of women writers like Swarnakumari Devi or Kamini Roy was immense. They were the representatives of the first era of educated Bengali women. As such, they fulfilled their responsibilities through literary writing. In 189,

Swarnakumari Devi composed the first Bengali lyric drama (opera) Basant Utsav. Later, his younger brother Rabindranath adopted this style and succeeded in composing more successful lyric plays. In 18 Jyotirindranath started the family magazine ‘Bharati’. The first editor of this magazine was Dwijendranath Tagore. Dwijendranath edited this magazine for seven years. Swarnakumari Devi edited this magazine for eleven years after that. He worked hard to make this magazine stand out. This magazine was published regularly. Its language was also simple. The magazine was highly praised by critics.

Swarnakumari Devi inspired the countrymen with Swadeshi mantras by writing many patriotic songs. She was the first Bengali woman to be awarded the Jagattarini Gold Medal. She passed away in 1932.

কেউ যদি জ্ঞানের দিক থেকে উন্নত হতে চায়, তাহলে অবশ্যই তাকে ভালো বই পড়তে হবে। কেউ উন্নত চারিত্রিক বৈশিষ্ট্যের অধিকারী হতে চাইলে বইয়ের সাগরে ডুব দিতে হবে। কারণ এতে থাকে চরিত্র গঠনের সঠিক দিকনির্দেশনা।আমাদের সমাজে অধিকাংশ মানুষের বই পড়ার প্রতি তেমন আগ্রহ নেই। ফলে তাদের আত্মার জাগরণ সম্ভব হয় না। বই মানুষকে সত্য-মিথ্যার পার্থক্য শেখায়। একজন বইপ্রেমী জগতের শ্রেষ্ঠ মানব। কারণ সে পৃথিবীর শ্রেষ্ঠ সম্পদ বইকে হৃদয়ে স্থান দিয়েছে।

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