Narayanganje Netaji by Niloy Nandy| নারায়ণগঞ্জে নেতাজী

Narayanganje Netaji by Niloy Nandy | নারায়ণগঞ্জে নেতাজী নিলয় নন্দি

Narayanganje Netaji by Niloy Nandy | নারায়ণগঞ্জে নেতাজী নিলয় নন্দি

About the flap of the book:

Sidhu Jatha went to visit Bangladesh. At the same time you will come to see your grandfather’s house. But he became entangled in such a mystery that Feluda’s call came to untangle him. There is also Topase and Jatayu.

Feluda went to so many states of India due to mystery, London, Hong Kong outside the country … but never came to Bangladesh near home! This is the beginning of fan fiction.A humble tribute to Satyajit Ray on his birth centenary. Open for free to Feluda fans.

Book Info:

  • Book Name: Narayanganje Netaji
  • Author: Niloy Nandy
  • Genre: Rachanabali
  • Total pages: 60
  • PDF Size: 1 Mb
  • Language: Bengali

I took some parts from the book

“Felubabu, do you know that there is a coincidence? Strict Pak’s Diamond broke a piece of the message and put it in his mouth to find out Wants Mystery Thriller Novelist Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayuingreji What is called coincidence? ‘ The pages of the book were turning over saying “Nalchike Nishi Nachan”.

He looked up and said, “What do you think this dance has to do with that dance?” “You’re right, Mister!” In fact, Lalchike – sorry, Nalchik says no I had no idea the place existed in the world at all.

Later Our average Nidhan Birujye came straight from Nalchik here. How did I get the name of the book! Absolutely match point two Points! ” I didn’t know. It’s just that it’s a Russian city without it. ‘ Hi, pick up the book Leaving the packet of messages, he said, ‘I see your strong Rudra this time Became a professional dancer.

If you want to solve the mystery, you have to do that too I understand On the morning of December 7, Jataru Diampata appeared with a message. The last two and a half There have been seven editions of his new romance novel in a month. The publisher is happy This is our sweet end to explain the debt owed. In this novel Detective Alanga from Abu Dhabi to pursue the fierce Rudra killer, Nalchik went everywhere from Nairobi and finally covered his body with a group of dancers


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