Ramayan of Krittibas Ojha epic Bangla pdf

রামায়ণ-কৃত্তিবাস | Ramayan of Krittibas Ojha epic Bangla pdf

Krittibas translated Ramayana is known as Krittivasi Ramayana. The main feature of Krittivasi Ramayana is that it is not a literal translation of the original Ramayana. Krittibas adopted many non-Ramayana stories in this translation. He also Bengaliized the Sanskrit Ramayana anecdote by introducing various aspects of Bengali social customs and folk life. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, in this poem “the ancient Bengali society has expressed you.” This book is very popular in Bengali society. The book has been read in Bengali at home for centuries. In 1802, due to the efforts of William Carey, the first five volumes of Krittivasi Ramayana were printed from Srirampur Mission Press. Then in 1830-34 the second edition of Dukhande was published under the editorship of Jayagopal Tarkalankar.

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Short biography of Krittibas Ojha

An incomplete chapter entitled “Introduction to Krittibas” is found in some of the manuscripts of Krittivasi Ramayana.

The chronology of Krittibas is aided by the “autobiography” printed in some editions of the Ramayana. Many have questioned the authenticity of this “autobiography.” There is conflicting information in this. Many consider it a modern work. But in spite of all this, it seems that there is an identity of Krittibas in it. It seems that someone of modern times has covered a lot in the original work of Krittibas. There is no way to know about Krittibas from anything other than this.

According to this “autobiography” Krittibas says: In Bengal (East Bengal) Narsingh Ojha used to work as a potter or courtier in the meeting of a king named Bedanuj. As a result of the revolution, Narsingh Ojha and his family left Bengal for work and settled in the village of Phulia on the banks of the Ganges. Garveshwar, son of Narsingh; Murari is the eldest of the three sons of Garveshwar; Murari is one of many sons named Banamali, the father of Krittibas. Krittibas writes about his birth in this way:

কেউ যদি জ্ঞানের দিক থেকে উন্নত হতে চায়, তাহলে অবশ্যই তাকে ভালো বই পড়তে হবে। কেউ উন্নত চারিত্রিক বৈশিষ্ট্যের অধিকারী হতে চাইলে বইয়ের সাগরে ডুব দিতে হবে। কারণ এতে থাকে চরিত্র গঠনের সঠিক দিকনির্দেশনা।আমাদের সমাজে অধিকাংশ মানুষের বই পড়ার প্রতি তেমন আগ্রহ নেই। ফলে তাদের আত্মার জাগরণ সম্ভব হয় না। বই মানুষকে সত্য-মিথ্যার পার্থক্য শেখায়। একজন বইপ্রেমী জগতের শ্রেষ্ঠ মানব। কারণ সে পৃথিবীর শ্রেষ্ঠ সম্পদ বইকে হৃদয়ে স্থান দিয়েছে।

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