Sherlock Homes Galpasangraha

Sherlock Homes Galpasangraha শার্লক হোমস গল্প সংগ্রহ Sherlock Holmes is at the center of the stories A crime committed perfectly. This is a crime A few to discover his culprit Using vague and incoherent search engine The way Holmes unraveled the mystery, the pair Fair load. Various scientists in search of the culprit Applying knowledge is almost a kind of him This has passed the level of rational science Detective. Much more than other mystics Each of the many more popular Holmes expeditions Even today it attracts the reader equally. No preconceived notions about the subject matter of the mystery Don’t tell anything. If you tell me the mystery Curiosity-_ Both are ruined.

Just an info Notable. In the story of the “extreme conflict” adopted in this book Apparently Holmes died. But the readership Their detective could not accept the death. As a result (Holmes is forced to bring Doyle back again In the story of ’empty house’. The grandfather of that popular detective in Baker Street, Lockdon A bunch of picks from the most popular stories This book is arranged with stories.Readmore….

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